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Needs Assessment: An efficient tool in attracting the right customers


You are a management head in your organization who have been assigned to a new unit to take over and manage. Knowing that your company is one who works hard in offering integrated products and services in achieving consumer satisfaction, you must strive in achieving its goals and become business consultant to its target customers.

First of all, as the management head, you need to conduct needs assessment which will serve as an important tool in achieving a good mindset with your customers. Communications skills and needs assessment are sequences of surveys which are conducted with current or potential business clients on how business is done. They define the role which communication systems play in the aim of selling and delivering products and services to customers.

Conducting communication skills and needs assessment interviews could be solitary, making personnel the over all decision-maker; but in other cases like the ideal business setting, several interviews are conducted with many employees stationed in different departments who come together to arrive at a broader view of the company’s problems, culture, needs and the types of communication solutions which will serve as the most effective in solving the issues.

It is important to have a wide understanding of customers' needs when making recommendation for telecommunication solution. Most importantly, you need to identify how and where the communication system can boost the sales organization; in this way, it gives the customers, a clear-cut bottom line on the ROI being expected. Like all other businesses, communication skills and needs assessment is important in upgrading the communication systems in an organization due to its role in helping successful customers.

After the series of interview questions have been answered, the data generated from them is used to segment your customers based on their needs which then allows you to dedicate more time and effort in satisfying customers who promise the biggest pay off over a span of time.

This is usually called the "customers life time value". When this is done, you can clearly understand your customer's needs and satisfy them using technology in offering communication skills to solve their needs. The data generated from the needs assessment also tells you how the sales process is improving, how to identify customers that make best sales target and how best to sell to the target segment.

In communication skills and needs assessment, one of the most valuable results is achieved long after the sales have been made and the system is in effectively in place. In order for a needs assessment to be effective and comprehensive, interviews with employees in all sections of the organization should be done; this includes research and development, manufacturing the products and services to delivering them and the most important part which is the sales, marketing and customer service.

A typical communication skills and needs assessment must include questions like:

What are your current communication services and product needs?

What is the purchasing process in the company?

Who is the primary contact involved in the buying process of the company?

What is the most important factor which influences you in choosing a good communications vendor?

By doing so, expansion of customer communications solutions is created thereby making a customer for life.

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